How it works

Passing the toll gate

There is no need to stop or slow down while approaching the gate. Continue driving the speed limit and cameras will automatically take a photo of your license plate. For information about how we process this data, please read our privacy policy.

Pay with card

You have 48 hours after passing a toll location to pay for toll and avoid extra fees. Toll can easily be paid online with your license plate number and credit card. At some locations, you can also pay at the kiosk.

Pay toll

Pay with SMS

It is also possible to pay for a single passing with SMS within 48 hours of passing the tolling location. Send "vang" and "license plate number" to 2120. Ex: "VANG AB123455" to 2120. The toll fee will be charged to your phone bill via Strex. To manage your Strex account, register on Currently, the Strex solution only works with Norwegian numbers.


An invoice will be mailed to the owner of the vehicle if payment is not received within 48 hours of passing the toll gate. Invoice fee will apply.


If you have a valid subscription for Vang Almenning and you pass a Skanpass toll road, you will not be charged for a single passing.

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